Value of a Dollar

It is 40 degrees outside and I am still wondering why am I not enjoying this wonderful weather we are having here in the suburbs. It is beautiful.

I am going to do great things today like study for the Governance, Risk, and Compliance test I have on Monday and maybe hang out with some friends. I know this is normal enough, but I am also going to resolve my sister's roommates' boyfriend-staying-over-all-the-time problem. phew!!!
So here is the deal, my sister is in Austin at the University of Texas and has schmoozed my parents into getting her an apartment which she shares with 3 other people. She shares a room with her high school friend and as of late that girl's boyfriend. The situation has apparently gotten awkward as they cuddle in a twin bed right across from my sister. My sister is headstrong and she is doing nothing about the situation afraid that any intervention will destroy her friendship. or at least thats how I interpret it. So I am going to try to salvage the situation or at least try. We'll see how it goes.

So I haven't been shopping in a while. Reason? I am an unemployed full time grad student who lives at home with her very Indian parents who are very keen on teaching her the value of a dollar. Oh btw I am an accounting major and only a few months away from taking the CPA exam. But I haven't learned the value of a dollar according to them. Oh well. Now I am avoiding malls so that I can learn the value of a dollar. How do I rationalize this....I don't really know. These days I just sit in front of my cherry red Dell laptop (don't get a dell) and dream about things that I am going to buy from etsy.
Like this burgundy canvas bag by BayanHippo
 Or this updated vintage train case by GetReadySetGo
Or this white wallet/clutch

Oh and I would definitely purchase this hat and wear it to Mad Hatter's tea party. Very reminiscent of a cup and saucer, don't you think
BrettOMahony @ etsy

Oh I love etsy. I could be on that website for hours. If only I had the money to make all these purchases....one day this will happen and then the value of a dollar will be lost on me. 

Ok so it is time to watch a rerun of Gilmore Girls followed by a serious visit the auto shop to get an oil change, study, gym....more television. Maybe I will even write a paper today and get a heads start on all assignments that are due next week. 

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