mhmmmmm.... delicious!!

I am sitting around watching a taping of last night's episode of White Collar. Mhmmmm!!! Matt Bomer is adorable. Calling him divine would be an understatement, and I am not one to understate, so here goes......

Look at him he is like creme brulee or vanilla bean white chocolate cheesecake..ok so I might be a little hungry at this point, maybe thats why the only analogy that comes to mind is food. I feel as though I haven't eaten for days even though I just had some god-awful canned soup.

This blog is going to be about what I do and how I do it. This is an attempt to immortalize myself through an electronic medium as I don't see any biographer or videographer following me around to document the greatness that is me. I know this sounds a little self-obsessed, but deep inside everybody wants to be immortal. Perhaps that is why people enjoy vampires so much, I mean immortality is drawing people in these days. Maybe I will reserve the vampire thing for another day.

As of now I am going to swoon over Neal Caffrey aka Matt Bomer and have sweet dreams about the impeccable dresser, his luscious hair, and those beautiful hats.

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